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 Before a Hair Appointment have these thoughts ever crossed your mind?

Do I shampoo before my appointment? 
Should I wear make up? 
I want this RED out of my hair!
Do I feel like dressing up for a hair appointment? 
I just want a trim, not a hack job
I aIm starving
,I do not want my highlights orange
Should I try a new look or stick with my usual?
Good news is you can relax. 
This is your time. 

Each room at Allure is it's own separate independent salon inside a beautiful large salon. 

You do NOT have to wear makeup or dress up if you do not want to.  

If you want to bring food or order food bring it on. There is also a Sonic across the parking lot if you need me to make a food run for you while your color is processing. 
Now, What about the hair? If you are booking a chemical appointment, clean, dry hair gets a good result. Shampoo hair day before. If you do not want to, it is okay too as long as there is not a heavy build up of product, dirt or oils. 

Does your hair pull red, gold or orange? There are ways to balance out & tone down that underlying pigment you do not want to see. It may take more than 1 appointment, but it most likely can be done. 

Last, if you are in love with the idea of long hair & want nothing or next to nothing trimmed, let me know. I will not remove hair you want to keep.

If you want to try an entire new look with color, cut or both we can discuss that at consult in detail. Consults are no charge.